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Persia Zarrin Abnoos glue and resin company (Pvt.) was established in 2016 in order to manufacture wide range of formaldehyde glue and laminating resins used in chipboard and MDF industries. We are committed to provide our customers high quality products and high level customer satisfaction services therefore we took some effective steps in order to ensure this: -Our factory equipped not only with the high tech production lines but also we set quality control department and advanced laboratories. - we are capable to produce 250 tons of Formaldehyde glue and 100 tons of laminating resins per day which are matches to high international standards. -we are able to change any parameters of our products by our customers need so the final product will be for their own use and meet their demands.

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Impregnated Resins

Interest in the development of solvent-impregnated resins (SIRs) and their applications for the separation of metal ions and organic compounds from water in the form of a hybrid polymeric adsorbent material has intensified over the past thirty years. SIRs are particulate adsorbers that possess a combination of the advantageous features of both liquid–liquid extraction and ion exchange and this renders them applicable to a wide range of potential liquid–solid separation and recovery processes. This paper reviews the extensive published literature on methods of synthesis of SIRs, attempts to stabilize hybrid solvent-impregnated resins and various applications of SIRs.